Life Hack for Getting Suddenly Awesome: Being Alone Is Good


Three or four years ago, I lived alone. I was lonely, and I was inspired. I wrote poetry a lot. I lived in a house that I bought on my own and that I loved.

Now, I live in a small apartment with my boyfriend, and everything is different.

My boyfriend is wonderful, and I am rarely lonely and I love this, of course.

But I often remember the feeling I used to have when I was alone. It was nice.

I was serious and fanatical and I lived life however I wanted, no matter how strange it seemed to other people. All of my decisions were my own, and I could be whoever I wanted to be, even if no one liked me or understood.

I felt strong.

I don’t feel as strong anymore.

So I am happier, now, but I don’t recommend it as fully as I might.

Maybe this doesn’t happen to other people, but it happened to me.


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  1. This is resoundingly like I feel now. Not really intent on getting married, but would like to date. But, today, women don’t seem to want to date; they are looking for specifics and are focused on getting married and finding “the one”. I am certain they are not all that way, but I can’t seem to find those.

    1. Hmmm … I absolutely believe they are out there. The older you get, the better the ratios for you. As for me, once I started believing, really believing for the first time, that there was a man for me and I would find him, I did. It was a matter of months.