Life Hack for Getting Suddenly Awesome: Caffeine


Man, I had a bad weekend. Not that anything really went wrong. I just felt really, really bad.

For no reason.

It sucked.

So, this morning, I decided I needed to figure something out to make myself feel better. First, I slept in really, really late.

Then I drank some coffee.

It was good. Very good. And it made me feel better, not just for an hour or two, but all day long.

Could this be what I’ve been missing all this time?

For the past few years or more, I’ve avoided caffeine. it makes me a little jittery, and I know its health effects are questionable. But recently, I read a book about writing and in it there was a sidebar–kind of a humor piece, I guess–about the benefits of caffeine to one’s productivity.

It made me think.

For a long time, I have wanted to be addicted to something. Binge eating, maybe. Or cigarettes. Unfortunately, all of the options I considered have too many negative side effects. And after a while, I’m not even sure if you get much of a high from it anymore, anyway–you’re just maintaining.

Anyway, I don’t have to tell you that. You’re human. You’ve probably figured it out.

But here’s a question for you: Is the same true of caffeine? Do you still get a caffeine buzz after years of abuse? Are there any other long-term problems with it (besides the withdrawl when you don’t get any)? Any tips you all have for responsible habit management?


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  1. You have some awfully good, common sense, safe ideas! I used to drink three cups of coffee a day (fairly weak, before the coffee chains increased our caffeine intake), and now I have cut back to about one and one-half cups (still weak). I consider this “addiction” a totally manageable, benign shortcut to a little (just a little) bit more energy throughout the day.

    I promised to return to your blog, and I feel that I have found a treasure.

    Most cordially, Celia

  2. Coffee is my comfort drink. It’s like sitting around the Ingalls’ table on “Little House on the Prarie” and feeling at home. I go through spirts, depending on what’s going on in life. I also like hot herbal teas and usually drink lots of water. I hardly ever drink soda or juice, so I’m happy with my coffee every day. I have started adding 1/2 chickory root after the first cup to cut down on caffine. It tastes good and works for me…