Life Hack for Getting Suddenly Awesome: Choose Your Identity Carefully

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Here’s an excerpt from Shelby Steele’s, The Content of Our Character: “Some of these assumptions are that white racism and racial discrimination are still the primary black problem; that blacks should maintain an essentially adversarial stance toward the mainstream; that institutional racism is automatically present in the workplace; that political conservativism is by definition anti-black; that blacks are not ‘given’ enough chances to advance; that blacks are exploited economically and otherwise because they are black; that the larger society is basically indifferent to the problems of blacks; that high black crime rates are the outgrowth of victimization; that blacks must work twice as hard to gain recognition as whites; that one would be black first and American second; etc. . . .Though there is some truth in many of these assumptions, their overall effect is to make the black identity an identity of accusation that offers its subscribers a way to recompose their vulnerability into their victimization.”

Good stuff. My takeaway: Choose your identity carefully. To identify as a victim is to be a victim; they are one and the same.


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