Life Hack for Getting Suddenly Awesome: Learn to Love Rejection

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The title for this blog is courtesy my father, a writer and hermit. From the time I was old enough to understand, he has been giving me this piece of advice: “You’ve got to learn to love rejection.”

It doesn’t make sense. But it does.

Everyone has to stand up to something sometime. Everyone has to be unpopular, say the wrong thing, offend people.

It’s part of having character.

So we might as well learn to be a little proud of it sometimes.

Harry Truman, on the public’s vehement opposition to him firing General Mcarthur: “I became quite used to being vilified. It has its stimulating aspects, and for all I know, it may even be good for the liver.”


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  1. Everybody hurts when they are rejected. It either hurts right away or later on, perhaps continuously if you never let it happen.

    If what you are trying to do is avoid getting hurt, you are trying to change the mechanism of life. If the world no longer has the ability to hurt you, then how will it get through to you when you refuse to listen.