Life Hack for Getting Suddenly Awesome: Let People Go That Are Gone

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From a story I’m working on:

“Two nights ago Peter went out of town. He came back last night, and we lay in bed for a while talking. He said he really missed me when he was gone, and I said I really missed him, too. Somehow we got on the subject of my not usually missing people after they’re out of my life. I have told him this before. He thinks it’s a method I use to protect myself. And in some ways, it is. I purposely remember the bad about people and not the good. Even when I really try to remember the good about people that are gone, sometimes, I can’t. He told me this makes him feel unsafe with me, like someday I will leave. So then I got to tell him again how much I love him, and that he’s different, because there aren’t any bad things to remember about him if something were to happen to take him away.

But the truth is, I am sure I would think of something. For my own good.”


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  1. Interesting, what about people who passed away? My father passed away in Dec of 2008 he was sick for a long time and his sickness made him act in a very mean way at times; however now that he is gone we only remember what a great person he was prior to his illness.

    1. Yeah, I do think in that case, the opposite reaction is perfect! Being sad about loss is fine. It’s just that pining away for somebody who left you and was not a good asset to your life isn’t so fine.