Life Hack for Getting Suddenly Awesome: Find Someone You Never Lie To

Some people call it accountability. I think it’s just a good human trait: honesty with others, whenever possible.

Not that it’s always possible.

Here’s an excerpt from The Last Good Country by Ernest Hemingway:

“‘I don’t want to do anything bad,’ Nick had said. ‘I don’t want you to,’ Mr. John had said. ‘But you’re alive and you’re going to do things. Don’t you lie and don’t you steal. Everybody has to lie. But you pick out somebody you never lie to.’”

That is perfection in colloquial dialogue.

And it’s also one of my favorite quotes in the world.

Who is the person I try to never lie to?

Myself, of course.

How about you?


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  1. Honesty is so under-rated. But so so freeing. It’s the horribles feeling in the world to deceive someone, and the best feeling when you set something out straight… finding people who biring out the best in you is a really good idea! :] xx

  2. I regret being contradictory, but I relish lying to Me and thereby stretching myself far beyond the easily broken bounds of ordinary reality. “Truth,” I say to myself, “is far more boring than really good lies.”

    “Lie freely,” I say back to my Self, “but do make your lies appealing.”


    1. The only time I purposely “lie” to myself is when I’m saying affirmations that I don’t quite believe yet (such as “You experience peace, love and joy at all times”, for example). But usually those affirmations are things I logically believe can be or are (in some other realm) actually true — I just haven’t understood it to be my experience yet.

      As for life being too boring without some good lies? Not so with me. I love my life and everything I do! I write all day long and spend all evening with my husband doing fun and/or crazy things! (Volleyball tonight! Yay!)

  3. I guess it is true that everyone has to lie in certain circumstances, but I like to keep my lies reserved for those that lie to me.
    I feel like it is the only language a liar can understand, so I try to speak their language….
    However, I feel it is just as important to be as truthful as you can with anyone you want to have a relationship with….and this can be very tricky. In my case, I do have to limit CLOSE relationships do to this rule of mine. I don’t mind, because acquaintances are great and I do not bear the responsibility of giving my entire self over to acquaintances…..
    I’m sure many won’t agree with me, but this is how I sort out who I “lie” to (or withhold the truth from) and who I let into my truth.