I Can’t Admit I Like Chubby Girls

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This post is for the Beauty of a Woman blogfest. To read the entire post, visit the lostcosmonaut link above the picture.

I thought it was honest and inspiring. Enjoy!


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  1. Thinking about females’ shapes, it occurs to me that women all go through a variety of forms: plump infancy, skinnier adolescence, the shapes their lifestyles and genetics press on them in their adult years, and in their seventies and beyond — says this woman watcher who does swimming exercise with older folks three times a week — a return to plumpishness that lasts until their mid-eighties, when women’s pounds shed again. Who of us has the same form throughout a lifetime?

  2. Thanks for the post. I have noticed most of my girlfriends have babe-alicious, pear-shaped bodies. I haven’t discussed it with them, but it seems I have a “type,” even in platonic relationships. Its hard to bring it up without offending anyone, though…

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