Life Hack for Getting Suddenly Awesome: Play Video Games


My husband, like a lot of husbands these days, loves video games. He isn’t addicted to them like some people are (he isn’t addicted to anything, actually; sadly, he is perfect). He still plays a lot of volleyball and does other things. But every night after work when he has nothing else going on, he can play whatever he wants for hours, totally content.

It is a skill I have envied for a very long time.

Hobbies are great. Important, even. But hobbies that you can do right at home practically anytime you want? Definitely better than great.


Recently, I had a bad couple of days. I was working too much, I guess, and not having enough fun. So last night, I played Spider Solitaire for a couple of hours, and I’m glad I did. Today I felt much better. I felt ready to go back to work and get things done.

So: my happiness tip of the day: On an especially bad day, just give yourself a break; play video games!

P.S. I know there must be some video games out there I’d like more than Spider Solitaire. Maybe I should put a little more effort into finding them.

Any suggestions? Any video games you know of that aren’t made primarily for boys but aren’t too girlie, either? Let me know!


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  1. I never heard of anyone playing spider solitaire for hours….except for me. I totally agree with this post – despite the fact that we are brainwashed to believe that spending more than a few minutes zoning out to things like video games are “bad” for us.
    Zoning out to a video game is kind of like meditating if you ask me. I play games like spider solitaire to literally clear my head of all thoughts and focus on the cards. The principles of meditating, I believe, are the same….to clear your mind of all thoughts and focus on your mind’s quietness.

  2. I am not a video gamer, I have 4 kids that are and a husband that has become one! Which has always annoyed me! It feels like he chooses to not spend time with ME! But I Geuss I see your point.. He gas been frustrated with his dead end job…and has turned to the fighting one, halo, he loves guns and stuff and he appears to be playing Army… Silliness I think but maybe the silly is keeping him sane, it’s not about avoiding me… Good to know! Thanks it helps…you helped!