Life Hack for Getting Suddenly Awesome: Cut Your Hair


Got a haircut today.

Best thing I’ve done all week.


I got some writing done, too, and things in my life are generally pretty perfect. But last week, none of that mattered because I hated my hair.

Now, I look good again.

Never underestimate the importance of looking good.


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  1. You always look good, even when you don’t think you do, and even with the adorable glasses! Remember, if you think something to be true, then it is true! Right?

    Thanks for the book…loved it, as you will see, and wrote an Amazon Review too!

  2. I couldn’t agree more! While a lot of people tend to let personal hygeine/grooming slip when they are suffering, I tend to do a better job. Because, if I don’t feel it on the inside, I at least can fake it on the outside. And its kind of like smiling… sometimes you end up feeling better on the inside afterall.

  3. Neato… but I confess… errant fool that I may be … that you always look marvelous! And may I make a selfish, sexist point? Women are seldom praised by men and male writers (in the Bible, say) for making themselves attractive. But it is a gift to men, women’s hard work for presenting themselves. Women’s attractiveness is an emotional fluid that makes men’s joy in being alive rise faster and further than just about any thing else I can think of. Let’s praise you Ms. Mollie, and women galore, for making men feel so good. And let’s add doing this to the list of good deeds that makes so many women believers Heaven-bound. And when I get to Hell, you who are coming my way keep doing it, for my damned selfish sexist sake.