Life Hack for Getting Suddenly Awesome: Sometimes, Be Embarrassed


“People that can’t blush are worthless.” –Ernest Hemingway, The Garden of Eden

I like to say that I am a naturally shy person.

No one believes it, but I say it anyway.

All through elementary school and high school, I was the quietest kid around. In college, I decided to get over it, so, after a while, I did.

But I’ll always be proud of the way I used to be.

And I will always be her.

Shyness, embarrassment, quietness—to me, it means that I am still a little girl.

Somewhere inside myself, I still care what people think of me.

Because I want to be their friend.

And, I think, that is good.


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  1. I have a couple of friends I get together with EVERY Sunday at a local Starbucks. They BOTH relish in getting me to turn fifty shades of red. It doesn’t take much either. I can blush at the drop of a hat with these two.

    Laughing, blushing. It’s all the same to me. I’m far from shy but these two friends have no difficulty bringing out the red in me.

    All in good fun though.


  2. People that blush are really cute 🙂

    Liked this post, i used to be shy and quiet. Feeling embarrassed is cool too, i say to everyone embrace it, feel it, its good to feel alive. Those days of me being embarrassed at school are greatly missed! *cries*