Life Hack for Getting Suddenly Awesome: Be Spiritual


After my baby died several months ago, I made a major change in my life:

I decided to be spiritual again.

It was a great decision.

It has already brought me more happiness than—even just a few months ago—I thought I’d ever have.

I recommend it.

So: my advice for the day: Be spiritual.

Whatever that may mean.

It is all beautiful.

It is all meaningful.

It is all good.

More on this new favorite subject of mine to come.


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  1. Mollie,
    It is all beautiful.

    It is all meaningful.

    It is all good.

    I hope you will continue to peruse my blog and catch up on some of my earlier ones. They resonate with these messages. I believe them with all my heart and am choosing to share these ideals from my standpoint with the world.
    I am so happy to find you in this very spiritual place.

  2. Hi Mollie:
    Couldn’t agree more w/your sentiments. When I feel lost, when I feel isolated, when I feel out of sorts I always ask my OWN God to take away challenging feelings. Generally it works. There is no doubt in my mind that there is someone/something watching over us, guiding us on this path called life. One of my first columns on my blog was about my spirituality. And how I’ve come to trust that I’m indeed watched over. Check it out sometime:


  3. Dear Mollie,

    I recommend prayer as part of a spiritual life, prayer that is deep and all-consuming for the moment, anyway, and prayer that comforts as nothing else can. We can always get help when we turn inwardly to our Maker.

    Love, Celia