Five-Day Free-for-All: Day Three

For the next three days, all four of my books for the Amazon Kindle, including What I Learned from Jane, On the Bus and Medium Rare will be available FREE on the Kindle.

And for those of you that don’t have a Kindle (yet), you can also download a Kindle reader for free on

Get one or get them all now on and enjoy!

While you’re at it, make your favorite happiness author very happy–leave a review for other readers.

Gratitude and love.


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  1. Hello,

    You left a comment on my blog a few days ago and I wanted to say sorry for it taking a couple of days to get back to me. Your comment was screened into the spam folder.
    I was interested in checking out these books but my netbook can’t handle another program! (I have a sony ereader) Is it possible to get these in .epub or .pdf?
    Thanks for coming by! I am just about to get ready for work, but I will definitely come back this evening to read more!
    Once again, sorry I didn’t reply right away, it totally wasn’t my intention.
    – S.

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