Five-Day Free-for-All: Final Day

For today only, all four of my books for the Amazon Kindle, including What I Learned from Jane, Alone and Together, On the Bus and Medium Rare will be available FREE on the Kindle!

And for those of you that don’t have a Kindle (yet), you can also download a Kindle reader for free on

Get one or get them all now on and enjoy!

While you’re at it, make your favorite happiness author very happy–leave a review for other readers. Thank you so much.


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  1. Hey Mollie,
    I just flipped throught your happy stuff and like lots of it. I am an old man new to writing / marketing happy stuff for my family… dad trivia, I get really silly and have joy abounding in my mind what this trivia questionaire about me is all about in my mind, my time to write it down is fastly approaching, if you know what that feels like.
    You write like a Player piano.. ls that a pen name or a real birthgiven one somewhere in your life?
    Not sure how I got to your stuff today, but it has been coolfun.
    suggestions on how to begin writing for my family joy would cause a smile from my living room to my kitchen !
    Have you heard of the Nothing but fun society?
    P.S. I am like months behind your 5 day ebook free for all … is there a 10 day e book free for all event coming this month?