Life Hack for Getting Suddenly Awesome: Don’t Hate Optimists


I heard once that 90% of our thoughts are negative. I don’t know if this is true for everyone. But I know it is true for me. Correction: It was true for me.

For many years, I regarded the mantra “think positively” with special disdain. I don’t want to be an optimist, I would think. I want to be a realist. I don’t want to stick my head in the sand.

The thing I’ve realized lately, though: How do I know what’s real? Sometimes, reality is what you make of it.

So now, I practice saying affirmations every day. I have mantras, like “I am happy” and “I am whole” and “I love other people.” And guess what?

Every one of these sayings is true, too.

Go figure.

Now, excuse me while I clean out the sand in my ears …


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  1. Sometimes, reality is what you make of it.

    NOT sometimes, Mollie. ALL the time! Our thoughts do indeed create our reality. I saw this lesson many times over growing up. Didn’t learn it and start putting into practice until a few years ago after watching The Secret.

    I’m SO far beyond that now. The way I look at that movie now is as Nursery School. It was my introduction to Law of Attraction. The Secret introduced me to Abraham Hicks, Wayne Dyer and many other wonderful resources that are available. It was the bridge I built to eventually start writing my blog as well.


    1. So true. If you would like to leave an LOA story (something specific that happened to you) I’d love to feature it on my site with a link to yours! Let me know!

  2. Dear Mollie,

    A very good post! I have read A Course in Miracles lots for years, and this book was my gateway to happiness. It changed what I thought about all day, and I unconsciously adopted mantras that were quotations from the book.

    Have a good day.

    Most fondly,