Life Hack for Getting Suddenly Awesome: Don’t Get Mad


I know, I know. People can be mean. Really mean.

The day after my baby died, someone said to me, “I think you’re less upset about it than your sister is.” Of course, they hadn’t seen me since it happened.

People can just be so mean, and sometimes, they don’t even know it.

And it’s even worse when they do.

When that person said that to me, I, like most people would have done, got mad. Very mad.

I even screamed.

But my anger was short-lived. After a while, I called my sister and talked on the phone and told her what happened and I said, “Well, that’s why I don’t hang out with them that often, and I don’t feel guilty about it, either.”

Then, I moved on.

Later, when I saw that friend in person, rather than look at them with anger, I forced myself to look at them with love—even pity. Or not pity, exactly—just with the knowledge that they were hurting.

With compassion.

This is one of the things that losing my baby helped me learn.


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  1. Yes, don’t hate optimists. That is, unless their optimism merely stems from denial. Then, don’t hate them; feel sorry for them. This will be part of my message at church tomorrow. No, I am not a minister; just doing the message while he takes a vacation day.