Announcement: True Law of Attraction Stories

So happy to announce to you today that I just started a new blog! It’s called “Stories and Truth: Does the Law of Attraction Really Work?” and I’m really excited about it! (If you’re interested, here’s a link to the site.)

Basically, the blog has one purpose: To share true stories about the law of attraction in action with the world. That means that though not all of the outcomes are exactly what the affirmation sayer intended, the stories are factual accounts–maybe even ones that we can learn from.

With the ever-growing popularity of books like The Secret, The Power of Now and Conversations with God, it is my hope that the blog will give people a chance to both share and deepen the spiritual side of themselves.

And now, for your sampling pleasure, here is the first post on the site:

Hi all! Welcome to “Stories and Truth,” a new blog written by me, Mollie Player. Let me take a second to introduce this blog and tell about its purpose.

In 2011, my life changed. I won’t go into all the details right now, but suffice it to say that it changed.

A lot.

And the major way that it changed?

I became spiritual again.

That’s right: Like many of you, I rediscovered the purpose of my life and ever since then, spirituality has brought me joy, meaning and, even, adventure.

Which is why I’m writing this blog today.

“Stories and Truth” is about one subject and one subject only: The  law of attraction. It tells true stories about people who have put this law to the test and the results that they experienced.

Some of the stories offer evidence for the law. Others don’t.

But all are exciting, engaging and definitely meaningful.

And so, it is my hope that this blog will give people a chance to both share and deepen the spiritual side of themselves.

So peruse what we have to offer, take what you can get from it and enjoy! Then send me an email at and tell me your true story as well. If I use it on the blog, I will give you full credit and, if applicable, a link to your website.


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