Law of Attraction Success Story: "I Will Get a High Score On the College Entrance Test"

true law of attraction story

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Guest contributor: Law of attraction fan Assem Al Zhrani. See his facebook page here.

Time wasn’t on my side; there was only one week until the scholastic assessment test. This was my last chance to get a good enough score to be accepted in the college I wanted. Would I be able to pull it off?

At first, I got frustrated. I started studying hard, but I felt I was going nowhere. I was close to giving up when my eye landed on The Secret book that was lying on my table. Suddenly, I realized that I had all the knowledge I needed to make anything possible–so why was I not using it?

I sat down and wrote on a piece of paper the score I wanted to get–an 86/100 (80 was a passing grade, but I wanted to be on the safe side). Then I started whispering to myself “Thank you, God, for this score.” All day I was giving thanks for my score until I reached the point where I totally believed that it was mine.

The exam day came. After taking it, I knew I did well, but I had to wait one week for the results. During the wait, I didn’t change my attitude even though the test had finished. Every time I was asked about the exam, I said I did very well and am sure that I would get a very high score. One of my friends told me not to get my expectations high so I wouldn’t get upset when I scored below my goal. He kept saying that only two people out of ten get an 80. However, I didn’t listen to him and kept my expectations high.

A short time later, the results came out and I logged in to the website to check my score and guess what it was?

An 86/100!!

This was the same number I wrote on the paper that day. Now I carry that paper in my wallet and look at it to remind my self that I can do anything!



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  1. This is sweet and inspiring..I am keying into this testimony because I have an exam coming up in less than 2weeks. Thank you God that I have scored A’s already 😄🙌