Life Hack for Getting Suddenly Awesome: You’re Less Selfish Than You Think


I had a really great, really wonderful dream last night. I dreamt that I owned a small clothing shop and a man tried to steal something while I was gone. I caught him in the act but instead of being angry, I looked at him for a minute, then sat down and said, “Can we talk for a while?”

We sat on some grass outside and I said, β€œTell me how you feel,” and he explained a little and then I gave him some advice.

After that, he became my friend.

At one point, I even held him in my arms.

I woke up thinking, that was the best feeling in the world.

Of course, in the real world, I’m just as selfish as everyone else. But also just like everyone else, when I’m not, it feels so much better than when I am.

Today, I resolve to care about others a little more. Not because they need it, necessarily.

But because it makes me feel so good.


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  1. What a lovely dream.

    I love being able to take something negative and turn it around. I work with children, and oftentimes when they act out, there is a legitimate reason behind it. It feels great to talk to them, get to the source of their action, and allow them to realize what they can do instead to make themselves feel better/happy.

    Good luck caring more about other people! πŸ™‚

  2. Dear Mollie,

    I pay attention to dreams that really give me pause for thought. Of course, the Bible is filled with this kind of reaction, and the psychologist Jung recommended the same.

    Yours was a truly heartwarming dream that will affect others who read your blog. Thanks!

    Love, Celia

  3. Being kind and helpful and stepping out of your comfort zone just a bit almost always results in a wonderful feeling and a knowledge that you did what needed to be done to help the world work toward kindness.