Life Hack for Getting Suddenly Awesome: Be a Loner


Recently I went on a short trip and had to work hard every day. When at night I went back to the hotel and lay in bed, to my dismay (and delight) I found that I didn’t miss my husband.

I was glad to be alone.

It felt like a betrayal.

It reminded me of a story by Albert Camus called The Adulterous Woman. She was married, but she didn’t cheat on her husband.

She just took a walk alone at night.

Of course, the truth is, I know that it’s okay to want this sometimes, and really, I wouldn’t want to be any other way.

I’ve always said I feel so sorry for anyone that doesn’t truly like being alone—at least sometimes.


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  1. Dear Mollie,

    It also helps not to chastise ourselves if we just naturally enjoy alone time with our spouse more than getting out and about with women friends. I frequently think that I ought to socialize more outside the house, but the truth is that I am happiest when I am alone in the study with my husband.

    Most fondly, Celia

  2. Not a problem for me, and becoming less of one as I get used to and understand it more. Don’t get me wrong; it would be nice to see someone or even someones off and on. I just have learned that there is a lot to being alone. I was married for a long time. This is a adaptive period and I am, starting, to enjoy it.