Law of Attraction Success Story: "I Have Everything I Need"

Contributor: Anonymous

In my late twenties, I was alone–a lot. After graduating from college, I continued to work part-time as a waitress for several years while I attempted to figure out what to do with the rest of my life. I had virtually no friends and when not at the restaurant I was either taking long walks alone, watching television, surfing the internet or reading.

And I loved it.

This is the thing: I had a job that paid me enough to get by on little work. I had all my time to myself. I owned my own house (my favorite thing in the world!). I had enough food to eat every day, and I didn’t have to worry about what anyone thought of me or wanted me to do; I was independent, and I was strong.

Sure, I was lonely. Very lonely.

But I was grateful–so very grateful, and genuinely so–for my life.

And that’s what I would tell people every chance I got. I’d enthusiastically say what I would now consider an affirmation–and a very, very powerful one. It was:

“I am blessed. I have everything I need.”

Today, I have my dream job (truly, my dream job). I have a husband that is perfect for me. I have more money by a long shot. And I have a baby on the way.

Today, I not only have everything I need–I have everything I’ve ever really wanted, but never really known that I could have.

But you know something? I truly believe that if I hadn’t been so grateful for my life the way it was back then, I wouldn’t have any of this now. If I hadn’t said inwardly to myself on an almost daily basis how much I appreciated not going hungry and living in a beautiful home and being born a citizen of a wealthy nation, I would not be sitting in this comfortable office chair (a workaholic’s favorite spot!) today. By focusing on the negative, I would have failed to believe that better things would eventually come to me . . . And I would, then, have failed to make the choices and take the risks that, eventually, brought them here.


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  1. I often forget to say thanks for things I really do take for granted (I don’t so much anymore). Since my stroke there are a lot of things I look back on a say, “Wow! I should have been thankful for that!” So, now, let me say it here,”I am thankful for my stroke as it has opened up a new life to me. In so many ways I have never felt better.”

  2. Hey Mollie —

    This is heartfelt! I can feel it all the way across the nation to where I’m at.

    You touched on something we often forget — we’re born into a wealthy nation. Today we don’t even have to travel to see how good it is here, we can Internet surf our way to far flung locales. We have toilets that flush, personal waterfalls whenever we want them adjusted to our ideal temperature (we call them showers), anything we want to know at our fingertips. We have so much packed into the tiniest studio apartment that billions don’t have who are living today.

    You deserve all the goodness heaped upon you — for your appreciative nature, for all you share here with us — thank you!


  3. This is another fantastic and inspiring story. I am so blessed that you found my blog so that I could find yours. It is no coincidence that I found your comment in my SPAM folder right after being in a car accident. Every day I discover more reasons why I am so grateful for that car accident.

    I relate to Scott as well. I was very ill for many years. There were days I could not walk and instead had to crawl to the bathroom because I was either in excruciating pain or I could not get my legs to work properly. Then 6 1/2 years after becoming ill (last Sept.), the 7th specialist I saw found a parathyroid tumor. There are residual effects from having the tumor for so long as it ate away at my bones, but since its removal I am so very grateful that I can walk again! Woohoo!!!

    Just since connecting with you, Mollie, my life has changed so profoundly. I do not have words adequate enough to thank you for sharing the stories you do on this blog. I needed real life stories, real life success stories. While I love self-help/law of attraction books, sometimes I feel a disconnect with them. I relate so much more to the stories that you share and because of that, they have had an enormously positive effect on my life.

    I am so happy that you have everything you’ve always wanted AND the things you didn’t know you could have. I’m headed in that direction and it’s wonderful to have somebody who is already there. I can’t think of another person who deserves it more!

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