Law of Attraction Success Story: "My Whole Life Has Changed"

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Contributor: Patti

For a long time, longer than I care to remember, I was miserable … with life, myself, everyone and, well, everything. I experienced conflict in all areas of my life, from jobs to relationships. As a child, I watched my parents live miserable existences, so that’s all I knew! I also began my married life miserable, settling for a man for whom I did not have passion. He loved me, though, and I thought that was more important. I believed he could be the key to my happiness, but after we battled our way through the early years of our marriage, I learned that I was wrong to look for happiness outside of myself.

Eventually, I began looking for answers in self-help books. I purchased a few, but couldn’t get through them. One of the books was Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsch. I remember my first attempt at reading it. I absolutely did not get it! I thought, “What is this crap?” Needless to say, I put it on a shelf where it stayed and collected dust for many years.

Then, at a low point in my life, I decided something had to change. I had been working at home for thirteen years as a U.S. patent editor when I decided that my career was the safest place to take the first step into a new way of life. This was an odd decision for me since I was not one who normally took risks. However, I knew in my heart that something just had to give.

After making this decision, I somehow (I don’t remember exactly how) became inspired to become a real estate agent.

And making this choice was a turning point in my life.

In real estate, I crossed paths with some of the nicest, sweetest, happiest people I had ever met. I honestly had no idea so much happiness existed! (I probably should have gotten out of the house a lot sooner!)

They loved and accepted me.

I felt like part of a family.

Suddenly, I became happier! Then, amazingly, as a result of this shift in my perspective, everything else in my life began to change as well. My relationship with my husband became an honest, true love relationship. Most importantly, my “story” about myself changed. I found myself telling people how much I loved my life rather than telling them about the things that were going wrong.

One afternoon, my real estate office manager commented on how upbeat I was and asked if I had ever seen the movie “The Secret.” After listening to her rave about how wonderful it was, I went home and ordered a copy of the DVD for myself that same day, and when it arrived, I watched it right away.

The effect it had on me was remarkable.

My entire being knew instinctively that what I watched was “The Truth.”

And it made me cry my eyes out.

Finally! I thought to myself as I watched. Finally, I have answers to so many of my questions about life!

After this experience, I embarked on a full-fledged journey for more information. I began reading every book I could find on the subject of positive thinking and creating my own reality. It was like a hunger that I needed to satisfy! One book led me to the next and I soaked up all of the information like a sponge. It was wonderful!

One day, while sharing my new-found knowledge with my brother, he mentioned the book Conversations With God and he asked me about Neale Donald Walsch.

“Isn’t that one of the guys on the DVD?” he asked.

My heart jumped. I said, “You’re right! And I think I have that book in my library!”

Sure enough, I still had the dusty book, and so, I began reading it right away. To this day, I am amazed at the way I grasped its contents so quickly. It was as if I was reading it for the first time! I was blown away when I thought about how, all those years ago, the words on those pages seemed as if they were written in another language, but this time it was as if they were written just for me!

In other words: I “got it!”

I suppose what they say is true: When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

Since that time, I have learned how to meditate, write affirmations, adjust my “self talk,” create vision boards and more. My new skills have led me to so many wonderful things! I have a ridiculously great job, have been married for 25 years now, and I constantly cross paths with like-minded people (who never cease to amaze me). The universe is always sending me feedback in the form of books, movies, people, events–all affirming that I’m on the absolute right path for me.Most of all, now, unlike before, there isn’t a single aspect of my life that doesn’t make me happy!

Now that is something I never thought I’d be able to say!

Today, I steer clear of drama by not watching the news, hanging out with negative people or participating in negativity in the workplace. I find that as long as I don’t fall in with or focus on that stuff, my life stays balanced. I’m always in a positive frame of mind, as long as I stay connected to the information, people and events that are in line with my beliefs. I post and “like” nothing but positive and helpful things on Facebook. I have a positive affirmation app on my phone. I keep a journal and an inspiring book by my bedside. When I first wake up, I don’t set one foot on the floor until I’ve sent love out into my day and give thanks for all of the wonderful things I’m about to experience. I don’t go to sleep at night before finding my place of gratitude so that I can “marinate” in it all night (a wonderful suggestion by Dr. Wayne Dyer). I have taken courses on how to balance key areas of my life with spirituality. I know it sounds like a lot, but it’s easy because I love it so much!

I wish the same miraculous journey for every single person who finds their way to this blog and this story!



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  1. Hi Mollie:
    So strange how this story mirrors my own. Patti says:
    As a child, I watched my parents live miserable existences, so that’s all I knew!

    The same was true for me. I could certainly have followed the same path, but after witnessing that life I ABSOLUTELY knew I didn’t want that life. I took a different path. I detoured. My parents remained stuck, and they still are to this day. They have no knowledge of how to move beyond. I kind of feel for them, but I’m happy that I escaped.

    Patti says:
    One of the books was Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsch. I remember my first attempt at reading it. I absolutely did not get it!

    That same experience happened w/me. However the book was Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist. That book had crossed my path so many times since it was published and I KNEW that had I read it the first time I saw the book I wouldn’t have gotten a thing out of it. When I FINALLY did pick it up, EVERYTHING in it resonated. In fact I picked up a similar book by Hermann Hesse called Siddhartha. Both books tell similar stories, but Siddhartha is MUCH deeper and I got SO much more out the Hesse book, Still they are AWESOME books to read together. Highly recommend them as companion books.

    When Patti mentioned The Secret I too felt much the same way.

    Good stuff here, Mollie.


  2. Mollie —

    Ohhhhh, this story of Patti’s is magnificent!

    I have a Conversations With God anecdote I have to share with you. Thirteen or fourteen years ago I was so anti-religion/God that my wife silently and secretly read that book ‘on the side,’ because she felt I’d be offended by the idea that someone could converse with God . . . and have a detailed conversation!

    We had an entire vacation with friends down in Key West where she read the book while keeping it wrapped in a magazine so I wouldn’t see the cover.

    Now, after waking up, I have a spiritually-oriented website!

    And now the entire Conversation With God series — the first book especially — is like contemporary scripture to me. I relish going back to it for insight.

    Thank you Patti for sharing this journey of yours — I kept having waves of thrill chills wash over me as I read it.


  3. This is a great story! I’ve had a similar experience as well though mine has been more of a one step forward three steps back kind of experience. I’m getting there though.

    I know exactly what you mean when you said “My entire being knew instinctively that what I watched was ‘The Truth’.” When I come across something that is “truth” I get massive goosebumps all over my body. It’s the most bizarre thing. I also get a strong indescribable feeling that what I’m reading/hearing/seeing is “truth.” It’s a knowing beyond intellect. It’s as if my soul is responding rather than my mind. Sometimes the goosebumps occur when I’m not even aware of something that I’m reading/hearing/seeing and they prompt me to pay attention.

    Thanks so much for sharing your experiences 🙂


  4. Of course, the real understanding comes when it is realized that “Conversations with God” was on your shelf because it needed to be at that time. I live my life in the knowledge that things “happen” as they need to. This made my stroke and opportunity rather than a life-shaking downer.

  5. I watched The Secret film many times and I have to say it sure boosted my happiness the first time I watched it! I have found out that you can get or do anything as long as you focus on it with all your might and without a doubt that you will have the opportunity to get those things.

  6. iam from india, first of all guys ,i have to say iam not too good in english ,so if there is any mistake u have to adjust,LOA is true, i had experienced it in my life, but i havent attracted big things, after watching the secret movie i was so inspired ,at that time i was very positive ,and that positive energy flowed inside me,at that time ,i didnt have good t shirts and shorts to wear , so i use to stand in front of the mirror and imagine myself wearing new tshirt and shorts, and i had done this only for three to four times and i stopped doing this itself ,after three to four weeks i had visited my aunt’s home ,my aunt and me gone to her friend’s house who had newly started to sell dresses in her home itself ,we had gone there just to buy new dress for her daughter whose birthday was nearing ,then we bought dress for her,immediately the dress seller told we had expanded our business by selling men’s wear too and she showed tshirts and shorts ,my aunt asked me to select the tshirt,so i selected just one tshirt ,but my aunt compelled me to take another one,i said just one is enough,but she didnt put my words in her ear itself ,she just grabbed another t shirt and also a pair of shorts and gave it to me , like this i had attracted many small things ,i understood if u feel like u had got what do u want and u are enjoying that and if u continue to feel good surely the universe will give u what u want

    1. Hi John,

      the words at the end of your comment say it all: feeling good (‘all is well’) is what it’s all about. Surrendering your ‘ego power’ and let life take over, that’s how I would describe my state of mind and heart, after realizing how amazing just being alive already is. Saying ‘I don’t know’ also helps, especially when logic knocks on the door with questions regarding ‘war’, ‘disease’, etc., you know, that what people call ‘reality’? I still see ‘right and wrong’, ‘love and hate’ and all that, but I leave this for my ego to worry about – and since me and my ego don’t talk much with each other anymore, all is well 🙂

      Don’t you find it surprising how even people who know in their guts that ‘like attract like’, still allow themselves to stay in a bad mood for more than a few minutes, or still discuss politics, watch the news, listen do doctors and scientists, and stuff like that? When all they have to do is ask themselves one question: ‘is what I’m sending out really something I want to receive back?’ Bottom line is this: life is a miracle and a mystery (even science admits that ‘95% of the Universe is ‘missing” – to them, anyway), there’s ‘hints’ in abundance, like ‘placebo and nocebo effect’, spontaneous remissions, 100.000 processes per second in every cell of your body (and you have about 70 trillion of them), and so on, and so on… In my humble opinion, one has to be rather ‘thick’ and ignorant to keep believing that life is just a chain of coincidences and that we are just the result of a (rather large) chain of random gene mutations…

      Almost all my old believes (or rather ‘conditionings’) are gone now, being replaced by not only more optimistic ones, but also better fitting in the ‘big scheme’ of things (emotions not only trigger the law of attraction, for better or worse, but also ‘disease’ – which is another nice motivation to strive for happy feelings) I could go on and on, but maybe I should just write a book about all these cumulated insights 🙂

      Again, John, thanks for the good vibrations you’re sending into the world.

      God bless you and everybody on this wonderful planet!

  7. How do I find my path patti or anyone else that has an answer for me I would love to here it. I have been searching for over 5 years now since I was first introduced to the secret and law of attraction. I have so many questions and am looking for so many answers. I just want to find my path and there are so many but I can never figure out which is the right path for me? Please help.
    Sincerely Josh Parkinson

    1. Josh, There are many paths but they are all one. I like many others read Tolle and Hicks (and watch Hicks’ videos!) for good specific guidance and techniques, but any technique works that helps you feel good.

  8. Thank you for this. I have jsut started on my journey, I realise that this is an older post, but i hope that all is well with you

  9. Thanks for this post. I woke this morning thinking that I really need to get serious about the law of attraction and redesigning my life. I have previously seen so many great things happen in my life (as a result of deliberately selecting my thoughts and feelings) that I am wondering how I let myself get off track. That being said, reading your post and this morning served as confirmation that I am on the right path for the changes I want to make. Thank you!