Life Hack for Getting Suddenly Awesome: Failure Doesn’t Matter


A long time ago, my dad talked to me about failure. He said: ‘It took me fifty years to figure out that what you accomplish doesn’t really matter . . . and I’ve only known that for fourteen years. But it was worth it. I regret some things–bad things I’ve done to people, those are the things you should regret–but I don’t regret failing, not accomplishing all I wanted. It doesn’t matter. And I have peace inside now, and now that I have realized this, it’s okay that it took fifty years to learn. Because that’s all I needed to do.

Give it a shot. You’ve got a good shot. But if you fail, don’t worry about it. It doesn’t matter.

Do you agree with this advice? Leave me your thoughts below.


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  1. Failure matters, but not in the way the world, generally, looks at it.
    When you fail, you have a choice – learn or not. If you learn, then you get to move ahead, otherwise, it’s pot luck.