Life Hack for Getting Suddenly Awesome: Get a Religion, Part Two


In the past few years, I have collected a great number of new beliefs. Reincarnation, for instance. God’s spirit in us all. More important than the ideas I’ve come to accept, though, is the way I’ve let them change my life.

Now, I don’t just have beliefs; I act on them as well.

I pray. I meditate. I read spiritual books. I discuss these things with friends.

I have more purpose. I have more perspective. I am more comforted in my pain. I have more peace.

I am happier.

Whether you call it religion, or spirituality, or whatever, I am living for something that is higher than myself, and it feels good.

Of course, not everyone has faith in a realm that’s higher than ours. David doesn’t, for example, and he probably never will.

And that is okay.

He still has faith.

He has faith that if he works hard and raises good children—or at least does his best to raise good children—and has relationships that matter, it will go well for him in the end, and that even if he dies and there is nothing else past this earthly life, he is glad to have lived.

That is what he believes, and that is enough for him. It isn’t enough for me—not anymore. But for him, it is enough; these beliefs give him purpose.

And here’s the funny thing: Yours do, too. Your beliefs give you purpose, even if you’re not religious at all. You believe in something already, something that makes life worth living, even if it has nothing to do with God, or a spiritual realm, or an afterlife.

Even if you just believe in being nice.

Otherwise, you wouldn’t still be here right now.

And that’s fine, I think. Because even if your belief isn’t a theology, it’s still a religion.

It is still a purpose.

You don’t have to be sure of anything, of course. Who ever said that you did?

I’m not sure. And I probably never will be again. In fact, I even like changing my mind sometimes.

It makes me more human.

You don’t need to be sure about your purpose to have one. You just have to figure out what you already believe, then go from there.

But don’t just figure it out and then do nothing about it.

Figure it out, then let it change your life. Do the things that it tells you to do, things like prayer or meditation or becoming a better person. Getting rid of an addiction or a bad temper.

Live for a reason. Make your beliefs important. Because, really, they are important.

They are the meaning of your life.


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  1. Hi Mollie:
    If you’ve been paying attention to my blog, you’ll know that studying Law of Attraction has deepened my Spirituality, my Religion, my Faith. I’ve always had a strong faith.

    You’re very right about finding faith will also bring happiness.

    You said:
    Since then, I have collected a great number of new beliefs. Reincarnation, for instance. God’s spirit in us all.

    Ahhh. Reincarnation. No doubt in my mind. I’ve seen too much and experienced too much to not understand this. Take a look at my blog category Reincarnation:
    for more info on my own experience and belief.

    Can I recommend two books on the subject that have made an impact on me?

    1. Old Souls by Tom Shroder

    2. Soul Survivor
    Bruce and Andrea Leininger.

    Be well, Mollie. If you’re in Hurricane Sandy’s path, please stay safe.


    1. Nothing I love more than a book recommendation!!! Spiritual books especially. Thanks much, Chris. Will read!

      Not near the hurricane … though the pine cone pummeling on my roof tells a different story.

  2. I do have a set of beliefs. I do act on them. I do talk, meditate, and live within them. I was put off when you said to get a religion. I understand now how you define that term. I suppose my complaint is against organized religions as they conform people and constrict them to their own beliefs and do not necessarily have much to do with bringing them closer to God. I think I may copy/paste your above into my next post and then continue on with my thoughts as here. I will, of course, give you all credit; perhaps, I will just give the link! There it goes, yes,

  3. Usually I don’t recommend books, especially on Reincarntaion, God, Mass Beliefs and other topics, but when in Rome…….

    There is one book that has changed my values and beliefs over the last ten years, then it is this one – “The Nature of Personal Reality”, a SETH book by Jane Roberts.

    It also helped me (along with meditation) stop having the feeling/desire of wanting to kill myself when I was younger which was a nice bonus, by opening up my ‘self’ to a greater reality.

    Many books and teachings have a rather limited view of reincarnation, overly simplistic in my view, but Seth books have a much broader scope, and are written in common everyday language without the usual mumbo-jumbo to confuse people that is popular in new age books etc.

    Seth books often appeal to atheist and non-religious people also, because of their no-nonsense style which does not ask people to have “faith” in this or that, when instead they can have direct knowledge and understanding, that will forever change how they live.


    And the other book, that complements this one is Seth Speaks’, the two are best read together to get a fuller picture of the topics covered.


    Both are available from –

    “The Nature of Personal Reality is simply the best manual ever written on the art of consciously creating your reality” –