Law of Attraction Success Story: "My Hearing Impairment Is Healed"

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One evening last year my wife and I dined with a fascinating couple. Over the years they’ve studied various approaches to energy healing, and that night they took the opportunity to relate to us a few stories of how they’ve used this knowledge to help others. One of the stories told by the wife, Gretten, especially stood out in my mind.

She once knew an older woman who had a hearing issue, she said. The problem wasn’t hearing loss, though; instead, there was something much worse as her constant companion: a sound so jarringly persistent in her ears that it incapacitated her. It was agony to exist. Concentration was nil, and her ability to enjoy life, gone.

Traditional medicine hadn’t worked, which is why this older woman had sought out Gretten. Together they performed some energy work, using spiritual powers to affect this very physical problem.

The remarkable result was this: the sound in this woman’s ears, untreatable by conventional means, was lessened so greatly by a few over-the-phone energy healing sessions that afterwards she was able to go about her life satisfactorily. Though not eliminated entirely, the sound had diminished from a 9 to 10 on the 10-point scale of awfulness to maybe a 2 or 3.

Now, it was something she could deal with.



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  1. The power of our shared connection is an awesome force. I see more and more people embracing non-traditional approaches to healing in every area of their lives. I believe – as a collective – we are on our way to our next evolution or iteration as a species…..

  2. The movie “The Secret” was a good introduction to the basics of the Law of Attraction but it downplayed the hard work that is needed to make things happen. Thinking or affirming things into being is not really how it works, but change is possible if the Law of Attraction is combined with action, focus and persistence. The messages of the “New Thought” teachers of the last 100 years are still relevant today. Go back to William Walker Atkinson’s book “Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World” for an explanation of how the Law of Attraction really works. Check out the new updated gender neutral edition at

  3. Thank you Mollissima!

    And thank each of you who commented above. I agree with the commenters — there is so much to learn. The Secret was a great message to start one on a journey of greater discovery. Now it’s up to us . . . .

    Mollie — I feel you are doing an amazing thing for all of us by posting these stories of transformation. The more we hear other’s stories, the more it burrows into our own consciousness . . .and the more we live it.

    Living La Vida LOA!