Life Hack for Getting Suddenly Awesome: Tell Yourself Lies

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This is how I finally got rid of my need for a man:

First, I realized that I was not happy being around certain people, and there was nothing good that came from my relationships with them. I let go of the idea that I was going to help them by being their friend.

That was step number one.

The second step was a little more complicated than that:

I told myself lies.

I don’t need anyone, I told myself. I like to be alone. Anyway, having friends is too complicated, and too time-consuming, and what do you really get out of it, anyway? Support? Love? Acceptance? I don’t need that—not really.

I am, all by myself, strong.

Not long after I made this decision, the lies worked. I was happy being alone—happier than I’d ever been before, anyway. Things really were less complicated when I wasn’t trying to please other people, and instead just living for myself.

I was free, and I loved it.

And, even as I look back on it now, I don’t think I was wrong to feel that way. Relationships can be a burden, after all, and if you let them, they can even make you dull.

Being alone, I still believe, is truly the most romantic way to live.

When I lived alone, everything was either terrible or wonderful. I spent every night without anyone to cuddle, which was terrible.

But I took long walks by myself at night and looked at the city—at the water and the bridges and the alleys—and some things were beautiful, and some things were not, but together they were all perfect, like a poem.

And that, at least, was wonderful.

It was romantic in a way you can never be romantic with another person.

And that is why I recommend it even now.


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  1. That’s a great way to do it. When I was in a similar situation, I pretended that my boyfriend was working overseas and couldn’t contact me, but missed me and wanted me to enjoy myself as much as possible until her was able to get back to me. I guess the trick is just to tell a story that feels better to us.

      1. Yes! To start, I’m a much happier person since I discovered the teachings and that’s my biggest success with it. I no longer fear death. I no longer suffer from depression and I’ve learned how to “work” around difficulties and conflicts. In a more mundane level, I attract little things to myself that I want on a daily basis …. nothing like an empire (don’t want one) but just small daily things and events. Just recently I was worried how I was going to find money for some things and the money came (an old client/friend came out of nowhere requesting work from me) and was totally thrilling! I so much love Law of Attraction teaching, can’t describe how much and it is the most valuable teaching with the most satisfying results, far more than any other, I’ve encountered.

        1. I am so sincerely happy for you, Christina. What books have been most helpful for you? I am currently undertaking a massive research project and need all the recommendations I can get. It seems there is a shortage of *awesome* LOA/New Thought authors … or maybe it’s just my perspective … 🙂

          1. Thanks Mollie! I wouldn’t be able to recommend any books as I hardly read (it puts me to sleep every time and it’s very frustrating to me the enormous amount of time I take reading). All I know of Law of Attraction is from watching free videos on YouTube and a very small collection of Abraham-Hicks’s CDs/DVDs (Basics of Law of Attraction and the Processess, The Vortex, LoA and Money/Health/Weight, etc.) and small cards/daily-reading messages. I have three of their printed books but never read them (somehow I feel I already know what’s in them, and I’m not looking forward to the sleeping episodes 🙂 ), My daughter did read their bestseller, “Ask and It Is Given,” and she loved it. Ironically, one of their lessons that serves me the most is the “just get happy” advice. Another favorite popular quote I have is the “keep it simple,” which I try to apply at all times and I truly do that. Some times I think of sharing my personal experiences with Law of Attraction but I feel that there is much out there already for me to add anything new. However, in my Brazilian community (I’m bilingual in Portuguese-English) I notice that the subject is not widely known. Many people know, but still a small number of people. So, I began vloging short voice-over videos in Portuguese, talking about Abraham’s teachings (as they are my favorite teachers indeed) and my thoughts and experiences with them. I noticed these are my videos with the most views and I decided that I want to dedicate my time to do more of that. Not only the teachings are daily reminders to me, but it profoundly pleases me to share with others the betterment my life significantly received since I found these teachings and ideas. My biggest success with Law of Attraction is my increasing ability in maintaining my state of well being even in the middle of adversities. People don’t want another preacher of yet another philosophy (I know I wouldn’t). But when we “teach” by sharing our own personal experiences with something, then is more than just teaching but mutual learning. Sorry for the long answer. The subject excites me so much and I love to talk Law of Attraction. 🙂 I want to manifest an income through self-employment and I think I need to re-read your postings for inspiration.