Wellness Success Story: "Meditation Rewires My Brain"

Contributor: Anonymous

In the past, I have not enjoyed meditation. I’ve always found it exhausting and boring. Recently, however, something changed in me to cause me to actually enjoy meditating. I don’t know exactly what happened; maybe it’s because I learned a technique that worked better for me.

My technique is this: I focus on the “inner energy” of my body, as Eckhart Tolle says to do. Then I repeat a positive mantra that I truly believe. As someone who has struggled with negative thinking patterns for a long time, I believe that this act is rewiring my brain to be more positive. In any case, as I meditate I feel calmer and happier by far, and I truly look forward to doing it whenever possible.


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  1. I tried to meditate after I got a mantra from Deborah King. It was a lot of work to carve out even 15 minutes in the beginning of my day to do this. Made it about 2 1/2 months. I’ve even read a wonderful little book that talked about the various forms that meditation can take: sitting, walking, etc.

      1. Excellent! I do well with guided meditations, and have done some in a group or by myself. But I’ve never done group meditation in silence. There is a CSL in Bellingham, just north of me. I love their holistic fairs that they put on. If I went to church, it would probably be at CSL or a Unity up in B’ham. But it’s at least a half hour drive, and I haven’t felt the strong urge to attend.

  2. Congratulations Mollie, I am looking to hear about all the positive things you attract with your new meditation practice. We absolutely are attracting all day every day, intentionally or not.

    That is why it is essential, as you point out, to be in the proper mental place. It isn’t just WHILE we are meditating (or saying our affirmations) that we are actively attracting.

    I find that most of my clients actual spend more time affirming negative things into their lives–albeit unintentionally! That is why we must be aware of our thoughts, so we can stop the negative ones and shift our focus to what we DO want.