More thought required


Happy New Year, y’all. It’s 2014 now, and for me that brings up a major dilemma: How will I ever be able to be as awesome this year as I was last year?

And, with that in mind, a New Years’ resolution: I am going to meditate. I’m not sure how much but like, a lot more.

Wait, I changed my mind. It’s 3:20 and I haven’t even said good morning to God yet, much less stilled my mind.

Note to self: More thought must be given to resolutions.


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  1. Mollie… I have been wondering about the wisdom of New Years Resolutions. My questions about the wisdom:

    – Why not do NYR’s on one’s birthday instead of the earth’s “birthday.” It seems to me that this holds more significance and may give us more incentive.

    – Why not do “New Months Resolutions,” where we focus on more incremental bite size, less overwhelming changes?

    Looking back on my 55 years of life, my most significant resolutions have worked because I knew I was ready; the changes were not motivated by, or based on the position of the earth or that society was telling me I should make a change for the sake of “improving” my life.


    1. I actually love New Years’ resolutions, and I’m pretty awesome at keeping them. This year mine is super hard though. Don’t want to tell you what it is yet … requires some explanation and it’ll most likely fail anyway.
      Anyway, I do love your idea of doing birthday resolutions. I did that last year and it TOTALLY WORKED. (More on that later.)

  2. Molly, I finally learned to meditate (hint: stilling your mind is the end-goal, not the starting point) after Abraham (Hicks) persistent recommendation. I am SO glad that I persisted after having tried off and on for more than a decade. It’s worth the ongoing effort!

    That said, I highly recommend learning Pure Awareness Meditation (aka many names such as Quantum Entrainment/Kinslow System, Rapid Healing, Mind-Body Meditation, etc.). You can do it any time, for just a few seconds or for as long as you wish, with your eyes open or closed, alone or with others or in a crowd. Every time I do it when I am driving, the cars all move out of my way to clear the road ahead! To top it off, IMHO it’s EASY compared to other types of meditations. It’s a fantastic way to get started on a practice. I wish I had learned this 20 years ago!

    You can follow a guided meditation for a few days until you get the hang of it, then you can do it on your own. Frank Kinslow has free meditation audios that you can follow to get started:

    Many blessings,

    1. I love easy! Thanks Nancy. I am totally going to get better at this. I had an awesome breakthrough in this area last year. Now I’m just working on being more disciplined about it. I will go to that site …