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Sitting at McDonald’s enjoying an especially good cup of coffee today while watching the baby climb up and down the stairs. There are good commercial-free hits playing that are not at all depressing, which is like my main criteria for music but surprisingly hard to find on the radio in Seattle, which is why I end up listening to the same hip-hop station until the urge to dance starts messing with my fine motor abilities and the background of the songs start sounding super loud, like what happens when you get a really high fever.

Anyway, McDonald’s. McDonald’s is awesome.

I guess sometimes everyone is right.


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  1. Mollie, Yes, I do agree with you, MacDonald’s is wonderful place to spend the time with kids. I love to play with my little one in MacDonald’s, but, when, I need time for myself, to read or to write or just to think…enjoying some coffee, I love Starbucks…is very laid back for me. What do you think about Starbucks?….

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