Law of Attraction Success Story: "I Started Living On Purpose"

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Contributor: Dr. Dave Smiley, clinical psychologist and creator of the film “The Inner Weigh

Let me tell you a little bit about myself … Seven years ago, I found myself at a crossroads. The previous year, I had gone through a bankruptcy and divorce. At the time, I was a clinical psychologist working in a prison. I was also taking antidepressants … and weighed almost 300 lbs.

I was miserable.

One day, I saw a film about the law of attraction. From it I learned that we create our lives with our thoughts and beliefs; we attract to ourselves those things that we think about most of the time, whether they are things that we want or things that we don’t want.

When I watched that film, I had an epiphany. Suddenly, I understood that I had created this miserable life. I began to wonder what my life would be like if I started paying attention to my thoughts and my beliefs. What could I create if I started living my life on purpose? 

I quit my job, and set out to find a way to lose weight that wasn’t so agonizing, without following some regimented plan of diet and exercise–without weighing and measuring and slicing and dicing my life into little pieces. I knew that there had to be another way, one that was more natural, more peaceful, and more spiritual.

I began to seek out the people that knew this path and who could teach it to me. Not only did I want to find these teachers and learn how to do this for myself, I wanted to bring their message to the world. So I created a film called “The Inner Weigh,” a documentary to inspire people who are sick and tired of living their lives in a body that they hate–people who know the old way just isn’t working anymore.


As a clinical psychologist and as someone who has struggled for years with my weight, I knew one thing for sure: the choices we’ve made in the past created the bodies we are in right now … And the choices we make today will create the bodies we will inhabit in the future.

I’m so grateful that I learned about the law of attraction and the importance of choosing my thoughts carefully to create the life that I want.

– Dr. Dave Smiley, clinical psychologist and creator of the film “The Inner Weigh


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