My latest book needs some reviews, y’all

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Just checked my reviews for my latest book, You’re Getting Closer: One Year of Finding God and a Few Good Friends, and, well … there are none.

This is a good book, ladies and gents. (Then again, you knew that; after all, I’m awesome.) So give it a good review on Amazon (or a less accurate review of another kind). I know you want to.

Thanks in advance! Y’all are awesome.


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  1. I’m on it as soon as I finish your book, Mollie!

    But no refund for me please — I was already planning on doing this ———

    By the by, I’m compelled to say it again: I’m just loving this new Suddenly Awesome vibe you’ve got going here.

    There’s a new lightness that is wonderful to behold.

    1. Thanks, Evan. It’s been a long time in coming but I am really “FEELING” my blog now. It represents the quality of my books, methinks. Chatty, a little funny, but still with some pretty serious stuff going on. Glad to hear you “get it.” (My stats show the same.)

      1. Mollie! — I finished this book and had to rush over to Amazon to give it a rave review. My God you have blossomed into an extraordinary writer. And an extraordinary soul too.

        Truly, truly, TRULY one of the exceptional books I’ve read in recent years.

        Being familiar with your work I expected “You’re Getting Closer” to be good and entertaining. I didn’t expect to stumble onto greatness. You have tapped into your Super Self, Mollie. You have brought something unique and precious into the world.

        How enthralling to be at your elbow as you journeyed through your year with its twin quests. What a gift! You spoke to me as a friend — and as someone worthy of deep and resonant thoughts. On loneliness, on friendship, on spiritual connection, on human connection.


        (I’m a fan for life.)

        (How do I get on that Friends List??!! . . . 🙂

        1. Wow, Evan! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this and for your wonderful encouragement. Another reader said much the same thing as you–that this is my “best” book–and now that I’ve heard it twice, I am reluctantly believing it. My prayer and inner knowing for this book is the same as for my others: that the people that can enjoy it and benefit from it will discover it eventually–each and every one of them. I hope that it inspired you to be honest in your personal spiritual journey–to be proud of where you are with it, even if you’re not Eckhart Tolle or Esther Hicks.

          ‘Cause we’ve all got something to say that’s important .

          Oh, and also–why is it always the men that ask to be on my friends list? … I am glad to make a mental note of that and hope to have a meet-up at some point with you in Seattle. 🙂


  2. PS: I will be gifting this book to others. It is that good. It must be shared. It must be experienced . . . there is real and genuine power in this story.