Finally, something to be negative about

Okay, so y’all know that I’m all about the positivity and stuff. But sometimes–just every once in a while–a little bit of negativity is not only an acceptable part of life and growth … it’s actually pretty darn awesome.

The other writers out there will hear me when I say that negative book critiques are often examples of that.

And so, this week I’m extending an offer to you, my blog readers: If you buy any of my books, then send me a quick email telling me what you *really* thought of it and why, I’ll refund your purchase price with almost as much gusto as I use during the writing process itself.

And that’s not all! I’ll also send you a whole bouquet of loving happy vibes–for free! (Can’t you just feel that gusto?)

Now, don’t worry: If you love the book you choose and have no real criticism to share, I’m actually find with hearing the good stuff, too. (You can also post a review on Amazon with the same, though note that I’m not basing your refund on that.) But a few “wasn’t really into it for this reason” comments would be super, super helpful as well.

Just email me at with the review (anonymous comments are totally fine).


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  1. I can tell you, Mollie, and for no refund at all, that I have enjoy all of your books except for one. The book about losing weight did not ring well with me as I have such difficulty believing a person will lose and keep weight off with such low caloric intake. It may work and be possible, but it goes against what I have read and done.
    For all else, however, i thoroughly enjoyed the topics and all you had to say about them. i would recommend them to anyone who wants to take some time out and just hear how good it can get.

    1. Thank you, Scott! I am always glad to hear the good stuff too. I love your scary stories as well. (Oh, and by the way, The Emergency Diet works amazingly well!! But it’s if course not for everyone. Just had to say it.)

      Lots of love to you!