One thing that’s even better than an awesome book review

Lately, I’ve been sort of pondering, sort of intending to receive something I don’t usually get (and don’t often ask for, either): really, really honest feedback. Feedback of the slightly harder-to-hear variety.

In other words: I’d like to get impartial book critiques from my readers. Because in my experience of life, there is something that’s even more awesome than an awesome book review.

And that’s a not-so-awesome one.

I mean, it’s super important to find out what you’re doing right, of course, and to receive encouragement to keep on going. But if I ever want to get on Oprah or whatever, a few “learning moments” are definitely in order.

And so, as I’ve done once on my blog before, this week I’m extending an offer to you, my blog readers: If you buy any of my books, then send me a quick email telling me what you *really* thought of it and why, I’ll refund your purchase price (or send you a different ebook or printed book of your choice) with almost as much gusto as I use during the writing process itself. If you’re a writer and would prefer an in-kind critique, we can arrange that, too.

And that’s not all! I’ll also send you a whole bouquet of loving happy vibes–for free! (Can’t you just feel that gusto?)

Now, don’t worry: If you love the book you choose and have no real criticism to share, I’m actually find with hearing the good stuff, too. (You can also post a review on Amazon with the same, though note that I’m not basing your refund on that.) But a few “wasn’t really into it for this reason” comments would be super, super helpful as well.

Just email me at with the review (anonymous comments are totally fine).


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