Law of Attraction Success Story: "My Cat Is Healed"

Elvis grass nap

Contributor: Jeannette Maw of Maw is a Good Vibe Coach and a self-professed law of attraction geek whose mission is to inspire conscious creators.

Everyone who knows me knows my world revolves around my blind kitty Elvis. He is my favorite thing about life. I love and adore him more than anything else.

So when he got sick, I got scared.

We went to the vet who shaved his belly for an ultrasound and offered a couple of possible diagnoses. We started meds in hopes it would clear up easily.

It didn’t.

Whatever ailed him continued to.

The vet switched up meds and suggested an exploratory surgery if we didn’t see improvement within 24 to 48 hours.

I wasn’t keen on any of this.

I didn’t want to be shoving meds down his throat every couple hours. I didn’t want to haul him back to the vet’s office when he already felt so bad. I didn’t want to make him undergo a surgery when his health was so fragile. I didn’t want to lose my favorite guy.

Yet it looked like that’s exactly where we were headed – nowhere good.

I knew my resistance to losing him was adding power to that very reality that I didn’t want.

I also knew there was a reality where he was thriving and happy, and that’s the one that I wanted to experience.

But my resistance to the present reality was keeping us stuck in it.

At one point I felt like Elvis was getting ready to make his transition. I’ve fostered a lot of animals, many of them sick after being rescued from a shelter, many of whom didn’t make it. Elvis had that “exit energy” flowing, if you know what I mean. He just didn’t seem like he was really “here” any more.

I realized this might be it. It was an incredibly sad thought for me.

I thought about how Abraham says life just continues to get better and better. That whenever contrast happens, it just fuels new desires and as long as we go along with that party life can only improve.

And I thought, “Universe, you think you can do better than Elvis?! I’d like to see that.” Because this is one amazing cat!

Elvis lilly intruder

And with that I felt my attachment to this cat’s healing diminish. I felt myself being okay with his exit. I felt peace in my heart with whatever
might happen next.

Within an hour or so, I noticed he seemed to be a little more alert. He actually got up and shifted position. Shortly after that he had something to drink. And he just got better and better until within 24 hours I knew he was in the clear.

I consider it one of my most impressive successes to have found better feeling thoughts in the face of my ultimate form of contrast. To be able to release attachment to what I wanted most was quite a challenge. And if I can do that, anything is truly possible.

Jeannette Maw


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  1. Excellent story. My niece had a cat who developed cancer. She could not even touch it without it screaming at her. I do quantum touch healing. Never done it to a cat, but I did try. It squirmed a lot, but allowed her to hold it while I worked for about 30 minutes. After that, I went home. She told me later how the cat was nearly normal for the next 24 hours. She was able to play with it and say goodbye. It died the next day, but she was so much happier.
    Not exactly a visualization story, but I feel quantum touch is an extension of sorts.