My first time


The first (and only) time I visited New York City, something kind of funny happened: on the first street corner I came to by Grand Central, I understood what everyone was talking about.

The movies. The books. The people that wear those hats that say “I (heart) NY.”

It suddenly made perfect, total sense.

Some things simply cannot be captured, either in books or by a camera. New York City is one of them.

Meditation is definitely another.


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  1. I have never been to NY. I really don’t care to go. It is too big for me. That may sound like a country-bumpkin talking, but I simply enjoy “less”. Indianapolis, Portland, places like that are plenty big. It is also a bit scary to me, truth be told. I would simply not be comfortable. So, here I am.

  2. you are right Molly there are things that cannot be capture , you just have to experience them. as always great way of expressing your thoughts and sharing your knowledge with us.