Law of Attraction Success Story: "I Paid Off My Mortgage"

Contributor: Anonymous

My latest law of attraction success story: Last month, I paid off the mortgage for one of my homes.

It’s the first home I bought, and when I did so I was a part-time waitress right out of college. I got myself a few roommates and pinched every penny. Without knowing how it could ever happen, I made a goal to pay off the mortgage in ten years.

The day I signed the papers was Friday, January 13–just over nine years ago.

So, how did I make this happen? Well, I worked hard, of course–but even that couldn’t possibly have guaranteed such an outcome. I believe the biggest factor in this success is that I knew the house was the right one for me. It felt right buying it, and it felt right renting it out when I moved away. I loved the house then and still do, and each dollar I’ve put towards it was given with a sense of power, enjoyment and accomplishment.

If I had to sum it up in one word, I’d say the secret to this success story was gratitude.


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    1. Thanks, thanks, and thanks! Blessings to you and in all your goals! Nice law of attraction blog – if you ever want to share a story here with a link back to your site, let me know!

  1. Sorry I have been absent so long. I marked this one to read awhile ago, but “things” (read that as “life”) simply got in the way.
    Now, was the right time to read it. I needed a story to pump up myself with joy and success. Thank you for doing just that. You are a good friend even when you don’t know it.