It’s a Thing.


Spiritual practice proliferation. It’s a thing.

Here are a few of the ones I try to do regularly (or have in the recent past):

  • Say affirmations frequently.
  • Do a sit-down meditation for ten minutes every morning.
  • Read books on spirituality.
  • Journal negative thoughts and counter with positive ones.
  • Attend church and cultivate friendships with spiritual people.
  • Send healing, loving energy to others.
  • Allow myself to experience all emotions fully, especially sympathy and compassion.
  • Make friendships a priority. Seek ways to communicate acceptance, love, peace and joy to others.
  • Sing.
  • Listen to my inner guidance/intuition.
  • Focus on good feelings and don’t focus on bad ones. Be a totally positive, light-focused person.
  • Make a recording of positive thoughts for my phone.
  • Make a song list of positive songs in my phone.
  • Choose a mantra for the day or week, then repeat it and count 1-100.
  • Do “the work” with Byron Katie examining negative beliefs.

How am I supposed to remember all these, much less choose between these at any given (possibly chaotic) moment?

Am I reading too many spirituality books, or what?


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  1. Too funny, but too real. I go through similar bouts of spiritual practice proliferation. . . . great phrase . . . . then I subside into a few favorites.

    Until the next time I overdo it . . . 🙂