A change

new thought and prayer

Recently, I posted that I’m working furiously on another blog called The Law of Attraction Project. Well, that’s still happening–more than ever, actually. One of the aspects of that blog that needed to be polished up was its SEO. Apparently, double posting articles, like my true law of attraction stories, isn’t so good for traffic. Google has been sending everyone who searches for law of attraction stories to this blog rather than The Law of Attraction Project. So, last week I made a tough choice: I decided to move all of the stories to that site, which is really what it’s all about, as well as to simplify this blog, Suddenly Awesome. As the blog description says, Suddenly Awesome is about how being spiritual makes my otherwise boring life suddenly awesome–and that’s really all it needs to be.

To all those who still want to receive the law of attraction success stories every month, plus monthly New Thought book summaries, do join us at storiesandtruth.wordpress.com. I am really, really loving how that blog is shaping up!

Thanks for hanging in with me.



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