Acceptance is the new meditation

new thought book - acceptance

This week, I began a new spiritual practice: acceptance. It’s weird to me that I’ve never made this a deliberate thing before (in fact, I’ve been pretty terrible about it altogether). This, in spite of:

  • Eckhart Tolle’s admonitions to see that everything that is, is perfect;
  • Buddhist admonitions to prefer nothing over anything else;
  • Esther Hicks’ admonitions to offer no resistance;
  • “What we resist, persists,”
  • Jesus, A Course in Miracles, and countless others bringing the same message; and, of course,
  • That damn serentiy prayer.

Acceptance, y’all. It’s the new meditation.


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  1. The original serenity prayer is even more powerful, and more in alignment with natural law. Researching for one’s self it will make it that much more valuable when found.

  2. Acceptance is a rough one at times. I struggle with it, but since my stroke, I have had a much better view of all things in life. As I have been told, “you won’t get out of this life alive, anyway.”
    Something to ponder. But, as I release my hold on things and let God lead, it always works out.