A Few Things That Happened to Me Today

Mom and baby

I love(d) breastfeeding.

Here are a few of the highlights of my day:

  • I dropped my second debit card into an unreachable place in my car, then misplaced a third.
  • My one-year-old spilled a plate of marinara-soaked asparagus onto my lap and the floor. Then I ate it off the floor.
  • I walked past three soggy diapers on my kitchen floor numerous times without picking them up.
  • For over an hour, my three-year-old repeated the word “booby” and tugged at my shirt as I lay in the fetal position on the floor.
  • Both my kids pooped in a park where there was no bathroom. My three-year-old then refused to be changed in the grass or to go with me to the car to get the baby’s diaper. When he finally followed me to the car, I put them both in with poopy diapers. On the way home the baby fell asleep. In poop.
  • I fell asleep during sex.

But I still took my jog, so I’d call the day a success.


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  1. Glad to see you have all your priorities straight. Exercise is above all things!
    I, on the other hand, fell asleep in the car as Mom shopped, was grumpy all day because I stayed up too late last night, ate a bit too much sugar for my diabetic nature, and…I did not bother to work out today…tomorrow will be a non-workout day, too…
    I understand.

    1. Exercise!! My doctor told me that the reason I was in a slump was that I was walking 30-60 minutes. I needed to jog 20-30 instead. It has made an amazing difference.

  2. Oh Mollie, I can feel your long day ! I am glad you still have your smile in your face. I love you. Hope your baby doesn’t get a diaper rash, ouch

  3. Ahhh, I don’t miss those early years.

    Hang in there, it gets easier (to sleep through sex 😉

    1. I won’t miss them, either, no matter how many people tell me I will. However, it’s truly wonderful to have all-day every day companions again for the first time since childhood.

  4. For all of the “look at how stylish/adorable/impressive I am” posts that the internet is uncomfortably full of, I found this refreshing. I am sorry it’s been tough. But speaking with honesty makes the world a better place, so consider that another success. Message me if you want to call me in for backup.

  5. This made me laugh, but I’m not sure it should have. I have days like this and they don’t feel nearly so amusing when it’s your life…every excruciatingly long day of your life… Peace to you. Hope you get a real break soon.