Here’s your chance to tell somebody what you *really* think

As I’ve no doubt mentioned before, my life is blessed with many wonderful people. A few of those people: those who give me feedback on my writing.

And yet, there is something in this area I still lack.

See, I have fans–super awesome fans who read, like, everything I write. And I have a few naysayers as well. But lately I’ve been wondering: What about all the people in-between? Might they have something even more valuable to share with me on the topic of my books–namely, really, really helpful commentary and critique?

And I’m guessing the answer to that question is yes.

And so, as I’ve done a few times on my blog before (thanks again to those who participated!), this week I’m extending an offer to you, my blog readers: If you buy any of my books, then send me a quick email telling me what you *really* thought of it and why, I’ll refund your purchase price (or send you a different ebook or printed book of your choice) with almost as much gusto as I use during the writing process itself. If you’re a writer and would prefer an in-kind critique, we can arrange that, too.

And that’s not all! I’ll also send you a whole bouquet of loving happy vibes–for free! (Can’t you just feel that gusto?)

Now, don’t worry: If you love the book you choose and have no real criticism to share, I’m actually find with hearing the good stuff, too. (You can also post a review on Amazon with the same, though note that I’m not basing your refund on that.) But a few “wasn’t really into it for this reason” comments would be super, super helpful as well.

Just email me at with the review (anonymous comments are totally fine).


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  1. I believe I have read all but “The Naked House”. Haven’t been inspired to that one, …yet.
    However, all that I have read are great. Every person has their own style of writing. I will admit that the first one I read, I had to push through a bit. It was only your style of writing clashing with mine. As soon as I realized that, all was fine. You are an inspiration to me, having written so many books. I am proud to call you an author I know, a blogger I enjoy, and a friend I have the utmost respect for.
    I thank you for all you have shown me.
    Ps – I guess I fibbed. Looking now, I can’t remember reading “Happiness is the Truth”. I think that one needs to go on my list of “do”s.