This is what acceptance looks like

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A while back, I resolved to learn how to accept what is, give up compulsiveness, in order to become more, you know, Buddhist monk-like. The only part of this resolution that stuck, however, was cleaning my house less often.

I don’t consider this a success.


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  1. I think you simply must try again…and again. My only big question is “why the revolver sitting on the cabinet in the kitchen?”.
    I am just not beginning, at 58, to get this diet thing, exercise thing, and the calmness (acceptance) thing kinda right. It feels wonderful now to just be able to say, “fine” to most all the world has to offer and to really enjoy myself and life here within me.
    Yeah, acceptance may look like that, but only in the beginning. The deal is to go from there to doing more acceptance. My house is still a mess, but, slowly, I am understanding that the clutter is my life and that by changing the life, the clutter will leave.

    1. I do try still . . . sort of. These days my primary spiritual practice is sending love to other people, to the Universe, and to myself. I’m still trying to figure out how to manage more than one conscious practice at a time.

      1. I do what I can when I can. I don’t think we are here to “do” anything. I believe we try the best we can. Loving people is something you need to learn to do unconsciously. I am still working on that.

  2. Well, I think that most of young kids parents learn to live in a kind of messy house . Unless they want to keep on cleaning every 5 to 10 minutes the caos that kids make in matter of seconds. Most of us did that the first or second year then we learn we cannot keep cleaning and organizing everything. We need to do other stuff as well. Good news they will grow and they will make less mess or maybe it just change the looks, instead of toys we will have pencils, books, papers everywhere and teenagers are really messy. I see that in every house I go.
    The only houses that are clean perfect and organized all the time is where there are no kids, and to tell you the truth I love the mess they make 🙂 We will miss them when they are gone in 18 years 🙂

    Love you Mollie

  3. Funny!

    But, ya know, not bad. Really not bad at all considering the impossibly young ones . . . THAT is what sparkling clean looks like when they’re as young as you’ve got 🙂