Don’t Fall in Love with Your Brother (Alone and Together, Part Eleven)

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After Mike, I didn’t have a real boyfriend for a long time. At the time, I was a good Christian girl and I didn’t want to do anything that was against the bible. But I was lonely.

Very, very lonely.

I did date a few people, though, here and there. I remember one date I went on that was especially nice.

His name was Jason, and we met at work. Jason was one of those people sometimes described as “effortlessly charming.” He smiled a lot. (I should try that sometime.)

He was happy, but he was also deep and intense. What could be better than that?

On our date, we went hiking. After we were done, we sat on a little cliff that overlooked the river and talked, and not just a little.

A lot.

We talked about how much we hated phony people and how college changes your beliefs and your perspective of the world and how we both wanted to resist some of those changes. We talked about how we hated hippies and vegetarians and how we refused to ever wear visible name brands on our clothes.

It was a nice conversation.

After that, neither of us wanted the night to be over, so he drove us to another trail and we took another walk. At a spot under a bridge, he kissed me.

It felt like I was kissing my brother.

We didn’t go out again. Several years later, he married a vegetarian.


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