Spiritual Practice Success Stories

Inner peace may be a whole hilarious myth. Like sugar-free candy. Or good decaf coffee. Or enlightenment. But I know a few people who don’t think so. They’re authors. They’re mystics. They’re pretty big show-offs. But that doesn’t mean they’re not worth listening to.

Here, success stories and interviews from people who’ve used a variety of spiritual practices to gain or achieve something of value to them. Including a few from me, written on my more optimistic days.

Spiritual Practices Success Stories is an ongoing project, so check back on this page or on my Welcome page for updates.

16 Spiritual Practice Success Stories, Interview Style:

I interviewed some authors, mystics and other total optimists. Here are some spiritual practice success stories they generously shared.

150 Law of Attraction Success Stories:

So many great law of attraction stories over the years. They really deserved their own post.

18 Success Stories About Overcoming Depression Through Spiritual Practice:

Many spiritual practices work for depression. Here, stories about a few of them.

22 More Spiritual Practice Success Stories from Guest Contributors:

I love guest contributors. Hardly know them, but I have a feeling. Here are their spiritual practice success stories.

12 of My Own Spiritual Practice Success Stories:

My life is pretty great. A pain in the ass, but great. Here are just a few of the ways various spiritual practices have helped me over the years. 100% guaranteed true.

And one awesome bonus:

Meditation 101: Practices, Postures, and Pretty Much Everything In Between


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