100 Alternative Spirituality Self-Improvement Hacks

Self-improvement tips for the self-obsessed (like me): that’s pretty much what you’ll find here. Some are spiritual, some are secular, some are well-known and some are a bit kooky … but, in my experience, all of them work. At least, they work to some degree. (Even the kooky ones.)

100 Alternative Spirituality Self-Improvement Hacks

The Spiritual Stuff:

The Shallow Stuff:

The Serious Stuff:

The Surprising Stuff:

The Love Stuff:


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  1. I have read some of these and I am sure will read others. I imagine I read them all when they were originally posted. I have created my own blog linking to this post. My readers thank you.

  2. I, too, have fought depression. I see. To have won, about 2 years now. If you are female, enjoy being a girl- even at 73. Get one of the 5 drawer, plastic cabinets on wheels. Make sure you have your space, bedroom for me, fixed with all things joy. Lg screen TV, Smart Phone or laptop, shop Amazon for a line of beauty products for everything from your feet, teeth, hair and especially skin. Stop coloring your hair or cutting it for natural hair that is who you are. Pamper your complexion with your own facial that, after trials, you love most. Do your nails a very light, pink natural or if you love color, go for it. Always, but and wear sexy shoes. If age prevents heels, get strappy low wedgies, toes and heels out, top & sides out some too. Work on your feet until they are soft, slender and beauties. Explore buying jewelry, at my age, I have bought magnets, for necklaces, and it takes only a second to put on a fine chain with a Tahitian single Pearl, I have lots of beautiful jewelry but none of it is expensive, just makes you feel lovely. If you can, order some new clothes from Macy’s, especially night gowns and silky things that feel good on your skin. Take beautiful care of who you want to be, inside even more than out. Keep a cheap spiral notebook, and yes, must be hand written, no technology. Keep a dated, running list of everything you see, hear or otherwise come into contact with that, after giving it some thought you think it might make you happy justthought, you think it might make you happy – just seeing it or noticing it in some way. Every day, try to find smaller things to be happy about. I liked the cracks in my driveway because they were familiar and meant that I was home. Writing it is important because your hand writing comes from inside you. These things have helped me after the death of my husband, who I dearly loved. Good luck with depression,

    1. Wow, what a comment! I love that you are enjoying life! And that you are reaching out. If you’d like me to share your story in a post of its own, let me know. You seem like such a fun person.