Best Spiritual-But-Not-Religious Books

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Dear kids,

Let’s face it: spiritual books are written for one reason and one reason only: to make us feel good. It’s not about self-improvement. I’ts not about making the world a better place. We just want to crack the code for inner peace.

Fortunately for us, lots of them deliver. Not always as completely as promised, but let’s not be too picky. Most of us have a healthy number of issues to figure out. It’s a bit much for any one teacher to deal with.

Which is why many of us spiritual types read every good book on the subject we can find. Some give us practical techniques. Some shake up our entire perspective. Others simply offer a bit of hope.

And still others do none of the above.

In the following pieces, I offer you, my beloved children, my Inner Peace Greatest Hits–the spiritual-but-not-religious books that over the years have helped me become a happier, more fulfilled person. Each top-level entry links to a full article on the book that includes a personal anecdote and notes on the book.

Best Spiritual-But-Not-Religious Books is part of a larger project, a curriculum I’m writing for you, my homeschooled kids, called Books I Want My Kids to Read Someday. Like this list, it’s an ongoing, possibly unending, project. Check back here or on the Welcome page of my blog for updates.

Much love,

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