Depression Success Stories

Depression, Begone! (Thanks. You’re Wonderful.)

Meditation works for dealing with depression. It’s a fact. Proven.

There are studies.

Sometimes, though, we don’t want more research. We want stories–real stories, from real people who’ve tried this stuff.

Well, as a Type A doer/fixer/planner/mild OCD-haver, I’ve pursued a number of spiritual and other techniques for overcoming depression and increasing inner peace. I’ve even written a few books about doing so. And guess what? Not all of them worked. In spite of those aforementioned studies. (And it can’t be because I was doing them wrong. Obviously.)

Thus, our dilemma as people with depression: hundreds of spiritual practices. Only some that work. But which? Which are worth our limited time and emotional effort?

Well, here you have it, folks: my gift to the world. A collection of stories about the practices that I believe do work for depression. Or at least, did work, for the people that wrote them. Some come from guest contributors, some come from me. Each and every one of them is true.

Most of my stories focus on a single spiritual practice, detailing how and how well they helped me with depression. I end them with my soon-to-be-patented, super-accurate Depression Effectiveness Rating.

I know, I know–it’s spiritual practice. You’re not allowed to rate them on a scale of 1-10. But the way I figure, what’s the point of being a New-Agey type if you don’t let yourself pick and choose, cafeteria style?

That’s basically my whole religion: picking and choosing.

And that’s what these posts are meant to help you with, too. My hope is that among them you’ll find a helpful spiritual practice that you may not have otherwise heard about or tried.

One last thing: Depression Success Stories is an ongoing project. Check back here and on the Welcome page of my blog anytime to find this list, with updates.

My Depression Success Stories:

Depression Success Story: “My Daily Recipe for Staying Mostly Depression-Free

Depression Success Story: “Matt Kahn’s ‘Loving What Arises’ Technique Is Simple and Profound

Depression Success Story: “Eckhart Tolle’s No-Mind Meditation Is Great. But So Is Thinking Sometimes

Depression Success Story: “Positive Thinking Is a Bit Overrated. But Just a Bit

Depression Success Story: “Mindfulness Meditation Isn’t What I Thought It Was. It’s Better

Depression Success Story: “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Is the Good Stuff

Depression Success Story: “Sometimes, I Just Hate Everything. It Works Pretty Well

Depression Success Story: “Joe Vitale’s ‘Zero Limits’ Method Is Great. But There Are, In Fact, Limits

Depression Success Story: “Sitting Meditation Is Just a Requirement for Life. I Know. I Asked People

Depression Success Story: “Byron Katie’s ‘The Work’ Seriously Works for Me

Depression Success Story: “Mantra Meditation: On a 10-Scale, I Give It a Seven

Depression Success Story: “I Can Be Happy About My Sadness

Depression Success Story: “I Altered My Subconscious Beliefs Using the Byron Katie Method

Depression Success Story: “I Let My Bad Feelings Run Free. They Ran Away

Depression Success Stories from Guest Contributors:

Depression Success Story: “Just Watch the Mind. Nothing More. This is the Only Real Meditation

Depression Success Story: “Depression is Like Alcoholism

Depression Success Story: “If What You’re Doing Isn’t Working, Try Something Else

Depression Success Story: “Art Heals the Body, Mind and Soul

Depression Success Story: “Forgiveness First. Then Positivity

Depression Success Story: “I Stopped Running From the Depression Monster

Depression Success Story: “Make Friends With Your Depression


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