Books I Want My Kids to Read Someday #1: “Whatever Arises, Love That” by Matt Kahn

Dear kids,

I love Matt Kahn, and I love his book. But I’m trying to think of something funny to say about either of them, and I can’t.

Hashtag #funny fail.

So instead I’ll be serious and say that Matt Kahn is beautiful. I saw him live in Seattle and it was a sweet, inspiring experience. Whether in person or in writing, his message is the same: love what arises–whatever that may be. The message of Whatever Arises, Love That: A Love Revolution That Begins with You seems simplistic at first, but when presented as a spiritual practice, it’s incredibly profound and helpful.

Have you tried it? What happened?

Yes, I have. For my personal experience with the ideas in book, read my post, Depression Success Story: “Matt Kahn’s ‘Loving What Arises’ Technique Is Simple and Profound.”

What are the main takeaways?

Here are a few key passages from the book. They’ll convince you to read it better than my words ever could.

While you’re at it, check out Kahn’s YouTube videos for a more accessible, conversational treatment of these awesome, inspiring ideas and many more.

  • No matter how daunting, overwhelming, or uncomfortable your experiences seem to be, the ups and downs of everyday life can be transformed into a deeply fulfilling spiritual adventure, simply by becoming the source of your own fulfillment.
  • No matter what seems to trigger you, each reaction represents the releasing of cellular debris collected from lifetimes of experiences.
  • When your heart is open, you are able to notice that anything you are feeling is part of a healing taking place within you.
  • Throughout this process, it is important to remember that a sensation only feels like a barrier for as long as you refuse to feel it. As it is invited to be felt, a willingness to experience each moment as an opportunity to heal clears out layers of cellular memory to make room for the emergence of heart-centered consciousness.
  • Whether through compliments, acts of kindness, deeper eye contact, or even a simple smile, to the degree that your innocence is embraced, you can provide the same to others.
  • While moments of transcendence are incredible to behold, the true benchmark of spiritual maturity is how often your words and actions are aligned with love.
  • As I learned to love what arises, I noticed how quickly my body would relax. In a state of relaxation, my innocence felt safe enough to come out of hiding. The more I relaxed, the more consciousness expanded. As this occurred, I spontaneously experienced the opening of chakras, or energy centers in the body; the activation of dormant DNA strands; the emergence of greater intuitive gifts; along with many other spiritual milestones that many pursue with exhaustion.
  • From that renewed space of energetic alignment, I could manifest things just as quickly as I imagined them while drawing toward me more conscious versions of each person, even if it drastically differed from the way they acted outside of my presence.
  • This doesn’t mean you should pretend to enjoy the company of those who treat you poorly. Instead, it invites you to cultivate greater compassion for yourself by allowing others to speak their mind. As the skill of listening is mastered, every heart is healed by the brightness of your being.
  • I invite you to sit comfortably, close your eyes, and repeat the following healing mantra: There is no way out of pain. There is no way out of judgment. Without overanalyzing these phrases, the energy within them strips away the pretense of a spiritual ego in order to inspire a heartfelt surrender that gives every remaining option over to the hands of fate.

Where can I find this book?


Get the entire recommended reading list at Books I Want My Kids to Read Someday.


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