Fights You’ll Have After Having a Baby: A Self-Help Novel

After Rachel and Matthew had their first child, they had a couple of fights. Well, okay, more than a couple—they fought for over three years. They fought about schedules. They fought about bad habits. They fought about feeling unloved.

They even fought about the lawn mower.

And besides actually having their child, it was the best thing that could’ve happened.

Chronicling their greatest hits, from the Muffin Incident to the Great Birth Control Debate to the Divorce Joke Showdown, Fights You’ll Have After Having a Baby is a post-partem story with hope. It offers relatable experiences, nitty-gritty advice and, most important, a nuanced understanding of what it takes to be married with children.

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Part One: Everyone Told Me It Was Normal to Be Nervous

Part Two: Only That Room and Nothing More

Part Three: The Muffin Incident

Part Four: The Only Bad Advice Is the Advice That Doesn’t Work

Part Five: We Were Among the Lucky Ones, And We Knew It

Part Six: The Bubble Popped

Part Seven: Change Your Story

Part Eight: The Post-Baby Brawl

Part Nine: I Can Be Mad, But Not Fight. Wow.

Part Ten: Don’t Fight. Just Talk Instead.

Part Eleven: The Lawn Mower Outburst

Part Twelve: I Loved That My Job Was Loving

Part Thirteen: Don’t Make It Into a Big Deal

Part Fourteen: The Fun-Loving Dad Was Becoming a Father

Part Fifteen: The Unfight

Part Sixteen: Be Uncomfortably Nice

Part Seventeen: The Great Birth Control Debate

Part Eighteen: Shamelessly Bargain (And Always Have a Bottom Line)

Part Nineteen: I Put My Head Down, and Got Through It

Part Twenty: The Unmistakable Sound of Breaking Glass

Part Twenty-One: Apologize Every Chance You Get

Part Twenty-Two: It Happened Because of the Dishes

Part Twenty-Three: I’m Sorry I Nagged. Can You Do the Dishes?

Part Twenty-Four: Change Your Partner the Right Way

Part Twenty-Five: Suddenly, I Have a Modern Husband

Part Twenty-Six: Brush Up on Your Endocrinology

Part Twenty-Seven: The Bad Wife Blowout

Part Twenty-Eight: Is It Giving Up or Is It Letting Go?

Part Twenty-Nine: Don’t Defend Yourself

Part Thirty: The Classic Food Fight

Part Thirty-One: It Was Well Worth the Trouble, We Decided

Part Thirty-Two: Appreciate the Gift

Part Thirty-Three: Appendix One: The Cheat Sheet

Part Thirty-Four: Appendix Two: Replacement Statements

Part Thirty-Five: Appendix Three: Common Questions

Part Thirty-Six: Appendix Four: Even More Advice

Part Thirty-Seven: Appendix Five: Recommended Reading

Part Thirty-Eight: Appendix Six: “Venus on Fire, Mars on Ice” Book Notes

Part Thirty-Nine: Appendix Seven: “For Better” Book Notes

Part Forty: Appendix Eight: “The Feeling Good Handbook” Book Notes


Being in love is harder than it sounds. Really, it’s a challenge on every level. Get Fights You’ll Have After Having a Baby on Amazon now.


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  1. Everybody who is marry and have kids will relate to this. Mollie, great job to decide to talk and write about this so people will know this happens to everybody or most of us!

    1. Yes, I think so. Well, more than think so. The whole draft is done. Just have to polish it for the series. I’m excited to share it.