My Byron Katie Detox: One Year of Questioning My Unhelpful Thoughts

Once upon a time, I thought I was a positive person. Wow. How delusional was that? Then one day, I decided to actually write my thoughts on paper.

To say my results were surprising would be an understatement.

Soon after that, I discovered Byron Katie, and, well, I’m really glad I did.

Byron Katie is a guru. Let’s get that out of the way. She’s a spiritual teacher, one I admire the heck out of.

Which is why recently, I decided to devote a year of my life to her.

Okay, well–not to her, exactly. But to the spiritual practice she teaches. It’s called The Work, and it’s a way to question and change your negative internal beliefs.

And it’s powerful. Explosive. I don’t want to say “mind-blowing,” but I will. It’s similar to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), the most well-researched and effective depression therapy, but with a spiritual bent, too.

I know.

Read My Byron Katie Detox: One Year of Questioning My Unhelpful Thoughts right here.

My Byron Katie Detox Installments:

Part One: Sometimes, You Get Way Too Excited

Part Two: I Really Like My Rock Collection

Part Three: I Just Wanted to Love My Mother

Part Four: Of Course, It Happened in Southern California

Part Five: Let’s Face It: We All Want to Feel Good

Part Six: It’s Cancer, Man. I’m Not Playing Around.

Part Six Point Five: Byron Katie Versus CBT

Part Seven: Dad, Do You Think I’m a Good Person?

Part Eight: Even Maurice Sendak Was Holy

Part Nine: Sticky Ickies, Every One

Part Ten: An Excavation

Part Eleven: Byron Katie Tips and Tricks, Part One

Part Twelve: Byron Katie Tips and Tricks, Part Two

Part Thirteen: My Boyfriend Won, and Easily

Part Fourteen: You Just Try Shit and See What Works

Part Fifteen: Alexander the Great Had a Lot of Fun, Didn’t He?

Part Sixteen: The Only Rule Is There Aren’t Any Rules

Part Seventeen: Surviving Death and Other Fairly Surprising Occurences

Part Eighteen: Right Then–Then Exactly–I Was Done

Part Nineteen: A Byron Katie Metaphysics

Part Twenty: God Is . . . Reality? That Sucks

Part Twenty-One: The Tree Falling in the Woods Really Doesn’t Make a Sound, and Actually, It Doesn’t Even Fall

Part Twenty-Two: My Stress Levels. Where Are They? I Think I Dropped Them Somewhere

Part Twenty-Three: A Little Skepticism Is in Order

Part Twenty-Four: It May Seem Silly. But at Least It’s Popular.

Part Twenty-Five: People Aren’t Bad. We’re Just . . . Well, Team Players.

Part Twenty-Six: Neuroscientist is the New Doctor

Part Twenty-Seven: The Spirit Has Goals That the Mind Knows Not Of

Part Twenty-Eight: Not All Good News

Part Twenty-Nine: We Have Power. Just Not All of It.

Part Thirty: A Complete Revised Worksheet for The Work of Byron Katie

Part Thirty-One: A Belief Questioning Round-Up

Part Thirty-Two: A Bold Decision, and a Rare One

Part Thirty-Three: Acceptance Isn’t Liking Something. It’s Not Liking It and Appreciating It, Anyway.

Part Thirty-Four: Depression Is Complicated

Part Thirty-Five: Byron Katie, Thank You

Conclusion: A Byron Katie Q and A


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    1. Thanks! What I’m learning is that both are really awesome … Working on my first “real” installment of the series now.