Sometimes Very: How I Overcame Most of My Depression In Just Twenty Short Years


Getting happy isn’t easy. In fact: it is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. And it took a long time.

Sometimes when I think back on the way I used to be, and on all of the problems I used to have—fear, and loneliness, and trying to be perfect, for example—and on all of the things I didn’t have—a partner, a job I liked, good friends—I try to remember—really remember—if I honestly believed that one day, it would all be okay.

Did I ever imagine myself being this happy? Eight years ago, say? Five? One? Have I ever in my life imagined being this happy?

Yet I must have imagined it, somehow, all those years I spent alone, or I wouldn’t’ve tried so hard to make it happen.

Sometimes Very: How I Overcame Most of My Depression In Just Twenty Short Years is a mostly true story by Mollie Player.

Here are all of the installments in this memoir serial. Links will be added as new installments are published.

Prologue: Dear Reader

Section One: I Decided to Get Happy

Part One: I Was Depressed

Part Two: I Figured Out I Was Depressed

Part Three: I Decided to Get Happy

Part Four: I Made a Plan

Section Two: I Got What I Wanted

Part Five: I Got a Religion

Part Six: I Got a Job

Part Seven: I Got Smart

Part Eight: I Got Some Money

Part Nine: I Got Some Friends

Part Ten: I Got a Hobby

Part Eleven: I Fell In Love

Section Three: I Got Rid of What I Didn’t Want

Part Twelve: I Got Rid of Wanting What I Couldn’t Have

Part Thirteen: I Got Rid of My Bad Addictions

Part Fourteen: I Got Rid of My Bad Relationships

Part Fifteen: I Got Rid of My Bad Thoughts

Part Sixteen: I Got Rid of Not Liking Myself

Part Seventeen: I Got Rid of Fear

Part Eighteen: I Got Rid of Being Perfect

Conclusion: I Tried


Thanks to my personal writing mentors Ernest Hemingway and Kurt Vonnegut.

Thanks to Celia and Bruce, my first two real fans and two of my first “dear readers.”

And thanks to David, who is my favorite person in the world besides myself.


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